Pixxel Detoxifier Hair & Scalp CreamBath

Available with 4 formulas.

1. Pixxel Detoxifier Hair & Scalp CreamBath

Detox Treatment Formula for balancing hair and scalp. (Green package)

The product helps rejuvenate your hair and soothes your scalp that is weakened by chemical treatment.

Restore hair shine and reduce the chemical odor.

Multi Sensorial Detoxifying System and natural extracts.from Inga Alba barka and Piper Nigrum Beries which are rich in antioxidants.

Citronella reduces the chemical odor of dyes, hair straighten perm  and odors from pollution.

Reenergize and nourish your hair.

Royal Lotus and Mint scent give your hair last longer fresh smell.


2. Pixxel Detoxifier Hair & Scalp Energizing Cream Bath (Yellow  package)

Detox Treatment formula to remove dandruff and hair smell.

Scalp Revitalized Technology and deep sea plankton extracts give your hair nutrients for soft and moisturized hair.

Lemon Fruitamin helps to clear clogged pores.

Zinc Pyrithione removes dandruff, fungus and hair smell.

Refresh your hair with cool fresh scent.


3. Pixxel Detoxifier Hair & Scalp Care Cream Bath (Brown package)

Detox Treatment Hair Restore colored hair formula.

Effectively remove tiny remaining dirt and chemical residue on hair roots.

Color Protection Technology keeps your hair color last longer.

Abyssinian Oil helps coat your hair cuticle, giving your hair smooth and soft effect.

Shea Butter Moisturizer rejuvenates dry and damaged hair.

Sun Flower Oil helps maintain hair color to last longer.

Give your hair fresh smell for 12 hrs.

The product can be applied with a hair steam treatment.


4. Pixxel Detoxifier Hair & Scalp Cream Firming Cream (Blue package)

Balancing hair and scalp Formula.

Effectively remove dirt, small polluted and chemical residues with Sodium Carbonate Soda 3000 PPM

Reenergize hair oxygen production.

Blue Seaweed gives your hair moisturizer.

Pollu Protector Technology protects your hair from pollution.

Cool and fresh scent with soft foam.

Direction : Apply appropriated amount thoroughly onto your hair, leave the hair roots for 1 inch. Gently massage especially on hair's ends, then steam your hair for 15 mins. Rinse off with clean water. The product can be used with hair spa treatment.