Nature Code Color Shampoo

With fine-tip bottle, the product can reach to hair’s roots thoroughly and easily.

Perfect grey coverage. Non-Ammonia.

Gentle and formulated with  various kinds of 100% natural extracts that are: 

• Black jasmine rice helps make hair naturally black.

• Wild Honey keep hair moisturized longer.

• Hydrolyzed Pearl helps boost hair  shine.

• Corn Sugar helps soften  hair & increase hair moisture  2 times.

Available in 10 colors: Both natural & fashion colors.

- 7 natural colors: Natural Black, Dark Brown, Chocolate, Light Brown, Mahogany, Brown, Red, Brown, Brown Coffee
- 3 fashion colors: Copper Brown, Light Copper Brown, Mahogany Red Brown.

How to use : Apply on damp hair
1. Wash your hair. No conditioner needed. Towel hair until damp.
2. Wear gloves. Pour cream in sachet (1) into bottle (2). Shake well until combined.

3. Open the lid of the bottle. Squeeze bottle onto entire hair with emphasis on grey hair.  Leave it for 15-20 mins (for natural colors) or for 30-35 mins (for fashion color).*
4. Spray water onto your hair and massage hair with emphasis on white/grey hair until it lathers.  Then, rinse off with water until the water runs clear.

5. To prolong color’s permanent vivacity, apply Lolane Natura Treatment, leave for a while, then  rinse off with water.

* For Oily, strong, thick or deep grey hair, leave it for a longer times (25-30 mins. for natural color/ 40-45 mins. for fashion color). Recommend 2 boxes for long hair.