LOLANE is professional hair brand with a complete range of hair products to meet the needs of clients who enjoy following hair fashion trends. Furthermore, our long history has been broadly trusted for more than 30 years.  Besides offering products for basic hair care, LOLANE will never stop researching and developing newer formulas that make great differences. With this reason, we have been guaranteed by ISO9001 and GMP and had more than 1,000 staff to take care of local distribution and export to more than 30 countries worldwide. We still give cordial welcome to new personnel with power, drive and imaginative creation to become a part of us and give beauty full of liveliness to people worldwide with professionalism. 

We offer a full range of products to respond towards clients’ needs:

Nourishment: Basic products for basic hair cares. Contained natural ingredients and manufactured through new technology. (Natura , Nature Code Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner, Intense Care)

Evolution : Emphasize on colorful transformation of hair and change hair structure (Nature Code Color Shampoo, Pixxel Color Cream, Aroma Color Cream , Z-Cool milk, Cool&Easy Color Cream) 

Inspiration : Respond towards hairstyling with enhanced personalities  (Head Up , Freestyle) 

EMPOWERING YOUR LIVELINESS. LOLANE is ready to inspire “liveliness” for your everyday’s life.  

Independent :: Have freedom in initiating and always daring to discover new things that are colorful and lively. 

Considerate :: Be creative and lively with regards towards target groups and every important customer. 

Adventurous :: Inspire target groups and customers to have experiences with new innovations.  

Generous :: Be consultative and can advise things  on technologies and beauty to customers.  

Encouraging :: Support target customers to have liveliness all times.