Natura Hair Treatment

Lolane Natura Hair Treatment

Direction : After shampoo, apply Treatment onto wet hair and thoroughly massage. Leave it for a few mins. and rinse off with clean water.

Can be used instead of Hair Conditioner regularly after shampoo.

1. Lolane Natura Hair Treatment for Dry & Damaged Hair

Nourish dry & damaged hair by Moisture Infusion System from Jojoba Oil.

Moisturize and make your hair have more volume, soft and smooth.

2. Lolane Natura Hair Treatment for Nourishing & Color Care

Nourish colored hair by Color Shield System from Sunflower. It acts as a hair coat, protecting your hair from UV rays.Reduce free radicals which are causes of hair color fading.

3. Lolane Natura Hair Treatment for Nourishing & Diamond Shine  Booster

Nourish severely dry hair by Diamond Shine System from Macadamia Butter that can perfectly enamel hair shafts.

4. Lolane Natura Hair Treatment for Revital Hair Fall

Revitalize your hair & replenish scalp's moisture by Peptide and Beetroot extract to solve hair loss problems.

5. Lolane Natura Hair Treatment for Smooth & Straight

- Natural Extract from White Lily extract keeps hair moisture.

- Make your hair smooth and straight.

- Protect your hair from getting back to normal condition, even in high humidity. Your hair will be straight with natural look all day long.

- Nice scent.